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Re: 夜猫子小队各人持有物品
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瓦尔·斯特拉瑟 Wahl Strasser

劇透 -   :

*210gp+500gp=》710gp -505gp 1sp 7cp=205 gp-91gp=114gp-10gp=104gp+1390-670-800+200=224 gp+300gp +100gp+4200gp = 4824gp - 4180gp = 644gp

*战镐 War-hammer   15gp      1d8钝击      2lb      多用途(1d10)
*链甲                      75gp 16AC  力量13   潜行劣势   55lb
** 秘银链甲 Mithral Armor  875gp
*轻型十字弓和20弓矢  25gp    1d8穿刺  5lb    弹药(射程80/320),装填,双手

*教士包 19gp  包括一只背包,一条毛毯,10只蜡烛,一只火绒盒,一只募捐盒,2块熏香,香炉,祭袍,2天份口粮和一只水袋。

*一个盾牌和一个圣徽   10gp   AC +4

*扎绳棒 (棍子), 50尺丝绳


*Protection from Energy 防护能量伤害卷轴 200gp
*Hope of Beacon 希望信标卷轴 200gp
*圣水2瓶 50gp+0gp
*香水1瓶 Perfume 5gp[/pre]
*羊皮纸2张 2sp 木炭(写字用,以粉笔为基准)1cp
*粉笔 1cp
*讯号笛 5cp
*鍊火術士之火 (瓶) Alchemist’s fire 50gp
*燈油 (瓶) Oil 1sp 1 磅
*火炬 Torch 3cp 3 磅
*治疗药水 1瓶
*安定心神(Calm Emotions)卷轴、(矿坑使用)次级复原术Lesser Restoration卷轴 240gp
*将Protection from Energy 防护能量伤害卷轴换成昼明术(Daylight)卷轴

买不起复原术卷轴哭 :em002
将链甲附魔秘银 Mithral Armor  800
三瓶治疗药水2d4+2 50gp*3=150gp
短讯术卷轴 200gp
治疗祷言Prayer of healing卷轴 120gp

解除魔法卷轴dispel magic 200gp
Ioun Stone Fortitude   (+2 体质) 3000gp
换3瓶治疗药水 为3瓶加强治疗药水 Greater Healing Potion 4d4+4 150gp*3 = 450gp - 50gp*3 =300 gp
Oil of Slipperiness   480gp 一瓶
自由行动 Freedom movement卷轴 = 200 gp

治疗药水换高级治疗药水 450-50 = 400gp
*安定心神(Calm Emotions)卷轴*2 = 120gp
*物品定位术(Locate Objects)卷轴 120gp
***防护法阵Magic Circle卷轴 200gp
护身卷轴 Scroll of Protection = 180gp

劇透 -   :
4瓶治疗药水(8d4+8 *1;4d4+4 *3)、1个火瓶 1d4/轮/DC10
护身卷轴 Scroll of Protection = 180gp
*物品定位术(Locate Objects)卷轴 120gp
*安定心神(Calm Emotions)卷轴*2
*次级复原术Lesser Restoration卷轴
**治疗祷言Prayer of healing卷轴 120gp
***防护法阵Magic Circle 卷轴 200gp
***Protection from Energy 防护能量伤害卷轴 200gp
***Hope of Beacon 希望信标卷轴 200gp
***解除魔法卷轴dispel magic 200gp
***自由行动卷轴 Freedom movement 200gp

劇透 -   :
5e SRD:Potion of Healing (Magic Item)
This material is published under the OGL
Potion, rarity varies

You regain hit points when you drink this potion. The number of hit points depends on the potion’s rarity, as shown in the Potions of Healing table. Whatever its potency, the potion’s red liquid glimmers when agitated.

Potions of Healing[edit]

Potion of...   Rarity   HP regained
Healing   Common   2d4 + 2
Greater healing   Uncommon   4d4 + 4
Superior healing   Rare   8d4 + 8
Supreme healing   Very Rare   10d4 + 20

Potion of Healing   50
Potion of Greater Healing   150
Potion of Superior Healing   450
Potion of Supreme Healing   1350

劇透 -   :
5e SRD:Ioun Stone
Ioun Stone Agility   3000
Ioun Stone Fortitude   3000
Ioun Stone Insight   3000
Ioun Stone Intellect   3000
Ioun Stone Leadership   3000
Ioun Stone Strength   3000

This material is published under the OGL
Wondrous Item, rarity varies (requires attunement)

An Ioun stone is named after Ioun, a god of knowledge and prophecy revered on some worlds. Many types of Ioun stone exist, each type a distinct combination of shape and color.
When you use an action to toss one of these stones into the air, the stone orbits your head at a distance of 1d3 feet and confers a benefit to you. Thereafter, another creature must use an action to grasp or net the stone to separate it from you, either by making a successful attack roll against AC 24 or a successful DC 24 Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. You can use an action to seize and stow the stone, ending its effect.
A stone has AC 24, 10 hit points, and resistance to all damage. It is considered to be an object that is being worn while it orbits your head.
Absorption (Very Rare). While this pale lavender ellipsoid orbits your head, you can use your reaction to cancel a spell of 4th level or lower cast by a creature you can see and targeting only you.
Once the stone has canceled 20 levels of spells, it burns out and turns dull gray, losing its magic. If you are targeted by a spell whose level is higher than the number of spell levels the stone has left, the stone can’t cancel it.
Agility (Very Rare). Your Dexterity score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, while this deep red sphere orbits your head.
Awareness (Rare). You can’t be surprised while this dark blue rhomboid orbits your head.
Fortitude (Very Rare). Your Constitution score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, while this pink rhomboid orbits your head.
Greater Absorption (Legendary). While this marbled lavender and green ellipsoid orbits your head, you can use your reaction to cancel a spell of 8th level or lower cast by a creature you can see and targeting only you.
Once the stone has canceled 50 levels of spells, it burns out and turns dull gray, losing its magic. If you are targeted by a spell whose level is higher than the number of spell levels the stone has left, the stone can’t cancel it.
Insight (Very Rare). Your Wisdom score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, while this incandescent blue sphere orbits your head.
Intellect (Very Rare). Your Intelligence score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, while this marbled scarlet and blue sphere orbits your head.
Leadership (Very Rare). Your Charisma score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, while this marbled pink and green sphere orbits your head.
Mastery (Legendary). Your proficiency bonus increases by 1 while this pale green prism orbits your head.
Protection (Rare). You gain a +1 bonus to AC while this dusty rose prism orbits your head.
Regeneration (Legendary). You regain 15 hit points at the end of each hour this pearly white spindle orbits your head, provided that you have at least 1 hit point.
Reserve (Rare). This vibrant purple prism stores spells cast into it, holding them until you use them. The stone can store up to 3 levels worth of spells at a time. When found, it contains 1d4 − 1 levels of stored spells chosen by the GM.
Any creature can cast a spell of 1st through 3rd level into the stone by touching it as the spell is cast. The spell has no effect, other than to be stored in the stone. If the stone can’t hold the spell, the spell is expended without effect. The level of the slot used to cast the spell determines how much space it uses.
While this stone orbits your head, you can cast any spell stored in it. The spell uses the slot level, spell save DC, spell attack bonus, and spellcasting ability of the original caster, but is otherwise treated as if you cast the spell. The spell cast from the stone is no longer stored in it, freeing up space.
Strength (Very Rare). Your Strength score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, while this pale blue rhomboid orbits your head.
Sustenance (Rare). You don’t need to eat or drink while this clear spindle orbits your head.
劇透 -   :
SRD:Feather Token
This material is published under the OGL
Feather Token: Each of these items is a small feather that has a power to suit a special need. The kinds of tokens are described below. Each token is usable once.

Anchor: A token useful to moor a craft in water so as to render it immobile for up to one day.

Bird: A token that can be used to deliver a small written message unerringly to a designated target as would a carrier pigeon. The token lasts as long as it takes to carry the message.

Fan: A token that forms a huge flapping fan, causing a breeze of sufficient strength to propel one ship (about 25 mph). This wind is not cumulative with existing wind speed. The token can, however, be used to lessen existing winds, creating an area of relative calm or lighter winds (but wave size in a storm is not affected). The fan can be used for up to 8 hours. It does not function on land.

Swan Boat: A token that forms a swanlike boat capable of moving on water at a speed of 60 feet. It can carry eight horses and gear or thirty-two Medium characters or any equivalent combination. The boat lasts for one day.

Tree: A token that causes a great oak to spring into being (5-foot diameter trunk, 60-foot height, 40-foot top diameter). This is an instantaneous effect.

Whip: A token that forms into a huge leather whip and wields itself against any opponent desired just like a dancing weapon. The weapon has a +10 base attack bonus, does 1d6+1 points of damage, has a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls, and a makes a free grapple attack (with a +15 attack bonus) if it hits. The whip lasts no longer than 1 hour.

Moderate conjuration; CL 12th; Craft Wondrous Item, major creation; Price 50 gp (anchor), 300 gp (bird), 200 gp (fan), 450 gp (swan boat), 400 gp (tree), 500 gp (whip).

Quaal's Feather Token Fan   250
Quaal's Feather Token Whip   250
Quaal's Feather Token Bird   3000
Quaal's Feather Token Swan Boat   3000
劇透 -   :
Oil of Slipperiness   480
5e SRD:Oil of Slipperiness
This material is published under the OGL
Potion, uncommon

This sticky black unguent is thick and heavy in the container, but it flows quickly when poured. The oil can cover a Medium or smaller creature, along with the equipment it’s wearing and carrying (one additional vial is required for each size category above Medium). Applying the oil takes 10 minutes. The affected creature then gains the effect of a freedom of movement spell for 8 hours.
Alternatively, the oil can be poured on the ground as an action, where it covers a 10-­foot square, duplicating the effect of the grease spell in that area for 8 hours.
劇透 -   :
5e SRD:Freedom of Movement
This material is published under the OGL
Freedom of Movement
4th-level abjuration
Casting time:   1 action
Range:   Touch
Components:   V, S, M (a leather strap, bound around the arm or a similar appendage)
Duration:   1 hour
You touch a willing creature. For the duration, the target’s movement is unaffected by difficult terrain, and spells and other magical effects can neither reduce the target’s speed nor cause the target to be paralyzed or restrained.

The target can also spend 5 feet of movement to automatically escape from nonmagical restraints, such as manacles or a creature that has it grappled. Finally, being underwater imposes no penalties on the target’s movement or attacks.

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劇透 -   :
5e SRD:Grease
This material is published under the OGL
1st-level conjuration
Casting time:   1 action
Range:   60 feet
Components:   V, S, M (a bit of pork rind or butter)
Duration:   1 minute
Slick grease covers the ground in a 10-foot square centered on a point within range and turns it into difficult terrain for the duration.
When the grease appears, each creature standing in its area must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or fall prone. A creature that enters the area or ends its turn there must also succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or fall prone.
Back to Main Page → 5e System Reference Document → Spells → Wizard Spell List
劇透 -   :
Scroll, rare
Each scroll of protection works against a specific type of creature chosen by the DM or determined randomly by rolling on the following table.
dlOO Creature Type dlOO Creature Type
01-10 Aberrations 41-50 Fey
11-20 Beasts 51-75 Fiends
21-30 Celestials 76-80 Plants
31-40 Elementals 81-00 Undead
Using an action to read the scroll encloses you in a invisible barrier that extends from you to form a 5-footradius, 10-foot-high cylinder. For 5 minutes, this barrier prevents creatures of the specified type from entering or affecting anything within the cylinder.
The cylinder moves with you and remains centered on you. However, if you move in such a way that a creature of the specified type would be inside the cylinder, the effect ends.
A creature can attempt to overcome the barrier by using an action to make a DC 15 Charisma check.
On a success, the creature ceases to be affected by the barrier.
劇透 -   :
防护法阵Magic Circle
3环 咒法学派
  · 该类生物不能通过非魔法手段主动进入圆柱区域。如果该类生物试图使用传送或位面旅行进入此区域,它必须先成功通过一次魅力豁免。
  · 该类生物对圆柱区域内的生物进行攻击时,其攻击骰获得劣势。
  · 圆柱区域内的目标不会被该类生物魅惑、惊吓(frightened)或附身。
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Re: 夜猫子小队各人持有物品
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諾克西斯‧齊格飛 Norixius Ziegfeld

劇透 -   :
短劍x2 20gp
+1鑲嵌皮甲 1510gp
匕首 2gp
+1提琴輕弩 1055gp

劇透 -   :
背包 2gp
睡墊 1gp
一套易容工具 25gp
一套偽造工具 15gp
一枚捏造的公爵璽戒 5gp
小鐵珠 1gp
治療工具 5gp
書本(詩集) 25gp
餐具 2sp
粉筆(10) 1sp
便服 5sp
錦衣 15gp
撬棍 2gp
香水 5gp
腰包 5sp
麻繩(3) 3gp
火把(10) 1sp
打火匣 5sp
排笛 12gp
魯特琴 35gp

劇透 -   :
治療傷口(Cure Wounds)捲軸x2治療傷口(Cure Wounds)捲軸
一隻針劑。 (麻醉劑,從一種蜘蛛毒中提取的,和卓爾在弩箭上淬的毒成分相似。DC13體質豁免,豁免失敗則睡眠1min; 本身不造成傷害;可以當作弩矢射出或者當作匕首使用。)

劇透 -   :
治療傷口(Cure Wounds)捲軸 60gp
妖火捲軸x3(Faerie Fire) 180gp
治癒真言捲軸(Healing Word) 60gp

劇透 -   :
幫鑲嵌皮甲附魔+1 1500gp


劇透 -   :
Ioun Stone Protection 1200GP




劇透 -   :
Cloak of Protection 3500gp
Ioun Stone Agility 3000gp


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雅各之塔(Jacob's Tower) 個人翻譯的Pathfinder RPG非官方長篇系列冒險模組,一系列13個模組共17萬字,每個模組皆可獨立抽出使用。(已出版,商品頁面) 全彩地圖素材包
Pathfinder v1.9Pathfinder RPG的規則資源合集電子書,絕讚好評廢貓中。

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Re: 夜貓子小隊各人持有物品
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劇透 -   :
海姆聖徽Holysymbol*2  (已裝於左右手鐵手套上)
巨劍 Great sword(鍍銀)      50gp   2d6            揮斬         6磅      重型、雙手   
長劍sword                       15gp   1d8            揮斬         3磅     多用途(1d10)   
手斧Handaxe                     5gp   1d6            揮斬         2磅      輕型、投(射程20/60)、
手弩Crossbow, hand         75gp   1d6            穿刺         3磅      彈藥(射程30/120)  輕型、裝填
臂裝遠射弩(Long Shot Armcrossbow)75gp   1d6(不加敏)  穿刺     3磅      彈藥(射程80/320)  輕型、裝填(No Loading)
鎖子甲 Chain mail            75gp   AC16  力量13    55磅      劣勢   

材料包 Component pouch      25gp   2 磅
訊號笛 Signal whistle             5cp    -
打火匣 Tinderbox                   5sp   1 磅
燈油 (瓶) Oil*1                       1sp   2 磅
弩矢(20)Crossbow  bolt        1gp   1.5磅
弩箭盒 Case, crossbow bolt  1gp   1 磅
一只针剂。 (麻醉剂,从一种蜘蛛毒中提取的,和卓尔在弩箭上淬的毒成分相似。DC13体质豁免,豁免失败则睡眠1min; 本身不造成伤害;可以当作弩矢射出或者当作匕首使用。)
治療藥水*3                          75gp   3磅
聖水*1                                25gp   1磅
強酸*3                                75gp   3磅
命令術卷軸      60gp(一環)
虔誠護盾卷軸   60gp(一環)
防護善惡卷軸   60gp(一環)
治療藥水x2    100gp
卡片Sidestep(銀質): 當你即將被一次近戰或遠程攻擊命中時,消耗這張卡並讓這次攻擊命中你相鄰的另一個目標(你的選擇,不論敵友)。
劇透 -   :
背包 Backpack                            2gp   5 磅
睡墊 Bedroll                                1gp   7 磅
毯子 Blanket                               5sp   3 磅
火炬 Torch (10支)                        1cp   1 磅
砥石 Whetstone*2                     2cp    2 磅
餐具 Mess kit                              2sp   1 磅
口糧 (10 天) Rations                   5gp 20 磅
水袋 Waterskin                          2sp   5 磅 (滿)
麻繩 (50 尺) Rope, hempen        1gp  10 磅
鐐拷 Manacles                            2gp   6磅
燈油 (瓶) Oil*2                            2sp   2磅
蠟燭 Candle *10                        1sp     -
肥皂 Soap*3                              3cp     -
羊皮紙 Parchment*5                  5sp    -(4張用來記錄法術了)
捲軸筒 Case, map or scroll         1gp  1 磅 (用來收納羊皮紙)
墨筆 Ink pen                              2cp     -
法術書 Spellbook                     50gp   3 磅
餐具 Mess kit                             2sp   1 磅
鋼面小鏡 Mirror, steel                5gp    ½磅
牛眼提燈 Lantern, bullseye      10gp   2 磅
羊皮紙 (10 張) Parchment         1gp    -
墨水 (一安士瓶) Ink                  10gp    -
卷軸筒 Case, map or scroll*2    2gp    2 磅
治療工具 Healer’s kit                 5gp    3 磅 
聖物箱 Reliquary                      5gp     2 磅

剩餘金額:205gp  2sp  8cp
負重: 160 / 240

劇透 -   :
命令術卷軸      60gp(一環)
虔誠護盾卷軸   60gp(一環)
防護善惡卷軸   60gp(一環)
治療藥水x2    100gp
額外花100gp幫巨劍鍍銀 100gp

劇透 -   :
諸葛弩                                    價格250 gp    重量 18磅
臂裝遠射弩【Matthew Custom】   價格75 gp     重量 3磅
陶笛(價格比照長笛)                    價格2gp        重量 1磅
絲繩                                       價格 10gp;    重量 5磅。
弩矢匣                                    價格 1gp;      重量 1磅
弩矢(20)                                 價格 1gp;      重量 1.5磅
血藤繩索(Bloodvine Rope)       價格:200gp;重量:5磅
催吐膠囊(Vomit Capsule)         價格:12gp; 重量:—    x3=36gp

【ACG煉金武器(Alchemical Weapons)】
聖化武器油(Holy Weapon Balm)價格:30gp;重量:0.5磅x1

護刃脂BLADEGUARD                價格:40 gp    重量:-     
防火膠FIRE WARD GEL             價格:150 gp  重量:1 lb
驅蟲劑VERMIN REPELLENT       價格:5 gp      重量:-      x3=15gp
爪鉤箭                                   價格:1gp,   重量 1/2磅  x3=3gp 重量 1.5磅
平底鍋                                   價格: 8sp,  重量 1/2磅
便攜式火爐                              價格 10金幣;  重量 1磅。   x2=20gp 重量 2磅
防水袋                                   價格 5 SP       重量 1/2磅。x2=1gp 重量 1磅
指南針                                   價格 10金幣, 重量 1/2磅
腕鞘                                      價格 1金幣;    重量 1磅。   x2=22gp 重量 2磅

劇透 -   :
劇透 -   :

250 gp   2d4 傷害   18 lb.   穿刺 ( 80/320), 重型, 裝填 (10 shots), 雙手。
臂裝遠射弩【Matthew Custom】
劇透 -   :
75GP, 1d6傷害(不採計敏捷加值),3lb,穿刺(射程80/320),單手射擊没有loading,

劇透 -   :
-樂器 Musical Instrument
血藤繩索(Bloodvine Rope)
劇透 -   :
這捆輕巧卻又十分堅韌的繩索有50尺長,它是使用經過煉金處理的血藤——一種只在熱帶叢林環境下才會生長的罕見猩紅色藤蔓——製成的。儘管使用血藤繩索的登山者主要是看好它的韌性,不過這種繩索也可以用來捆綁生物。血藤繩索的硬度為5,具有10點生命值,通過DC 30的力量檢定可以扯斷它。被血藤繩索捆綁的生物可以通過DC 35的逃脫檢定或者DC 30的力量檢定來擺脫束縛。
催吐膠囊(Vomit Capsule)
劇透 -   :
這種小膠囊內裝填的物質是一種可以致人嘔吐的草藥的提取物。要使用膠囊,你必須咬開它並且吞下膠囊中的內容物,這些物質會立即讓你嘔吐出來。嘔吐的過程會持續1整輪(full round),在此期間你無法進行其他動作。在下一輪你會完全恢復,而且不會產生任何其他不良效果。盜賊通常會在團隊行動中使用這種物品,用來製造混亂並吸引他人的注意,以此為行動提供掩蔽。除此之外想要裝病的人也會使用這種道具,比如希望比賽能夠輪空的拳擊手、或者在被拘捕時試圖製造混亂的犯罪者。
聖化武器油(Holy Weapon Balm)
劇透 -   :
這種紫色的香油被裝在小陶罐里。當你以標準動作將這種香油塗抹在武器上時,它會在武器表面形成一個透明塗層。塗有這種香油的武器會對不死生物(undead)或邪惡異界生物(evil outsiders)造成額外2d4點傷害。受到香油影響的生物必須進行DC 10的反射豁免,否則會在接下來的回合受到1d4點額外傷害。塗抹香油的任何非魔法武器都可以如同魔法武器一般影響虛體不死生物(incorporeal undead)和邪惡異界生物。塗抹香油的任何魔法武器可以如同具有幽冥(Ghost Touch)特殊能力的武器一般影響虛體不死生物或邪惡異界生物。香油的效果會持續至你用武器做出一次成功的攻擊或者直至經過1分鐘為止,以較先發生者為準。一劑香油可以塗抹到1把武器或10個彈藥上。
劇透 -   :
價格:40 gp   重量:-
劇透 -   :
價格:150 gp   重量:1 lb
當你將這種稀薄的膠體塗抹在皮膚、裝甲或者衣服上時,它會形成一道抵抗屏障阻擋火焰和熱量傷害。你獲得火焰抗力5。隨着防火膠吸收火焰傷害,它緩慢的氣化;在吸收總共20點火焰傷害之後,塗抹的防火膠徹底消失。在考慮堆疊多種火焰防護能力的時候,防火膠被算作防護能量(protection from energy)。塗抹防火膠花費1分鐘,能夠持續防護效力1小時。多次塗抹防火膠不會堆疊其防火效果,在一份防火膠依然有效的時候塗抹另一份只會將能夠吸收火焰傷害的總量重置為20。
劇透 -   :
價格:5 gp   重量:-
驅蟲劑被算作強烈氣味,允許任何擁有靈敏嗅覺(scent)能力的生物在一個更大的距離上追蹤(Universal Monster Rule in Bestiary)。
劇透 -   :
價格 1金幣, 重量 1/2磅
劇透 -   :
價格 10金幣; 重量 5磅。
劇透 -   :
價格8 SP   重量4磅   
劇透 -   :
價格 10金幣; 重量 1磅。
劇透 -   :
價格 5 SP 重量 1/2磅。
劇透 -   :
價格 10金幣, 重量 1/2磅
劇透 -   :
價格 1金幣; 重量 1磅。
共花費840gp  7sp ,剩餘至549.3gp

上次結算:剩餘金額:205gp  2sp  8cp 負重: 160 / 240
本次結算:剩餘金額:549gp  3sp        負重: +41磅
合計:                 754gp  5sp  8cp  負重: 201 / 240
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Let's roll up our sleeves and make it happen.

离线 凱文

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费恩·费德勒 半精灵魔导士
« 回帖 #4 于: 2016-03-28, 周一 01:56:07 »

武器防具 匕首x2,木棍,镶嵌皮甲
魔法物品(1/3) +1 wand of war mage
工具杂物 背包,铺盖卷,毛毯,口粮x10,水袋,腰包x2,奥术法器(水晶),旅行者服饰,一套带有兜帽的深色普通衣服,蜡烛x5,粉笔x8,爪钩,岩钉,铁荆棘x5,狩猎陷阱x4,火绒盒,麻绳,撬棍,三龙牌,易容工具,盗贼工具,文书伪造工具,钢面镜,50尺长梯,10尺长棍,一小袋石子,雪花石膏面具,“火发女士”淑妮雕像的音乐盒,425.47GP
卷轴 通晓语言,防护善恶x2,蛛行术,隐身术,黑暗术,飞行术,气化形体,解除魔法
消耗品 治疗药水(2d4+2),圣水1瓶,医疗箱9次,强酸x2(远程攻击,临时武器,20尺射程,2d6酸伤)
其他 自由旋律会员手镯,画着笑脸的黄油饼干,西德罗宗教用品店的地契房契和转让协议书

劇透 -   :
劇透 -   开卡购物单:
匕首x2      4|2
皮甲       10|10
奥术法器(水晶) 10|1
背包        2|5
铺盖卷       1|7
毛毯      0.5|3
蜡烛x5    0.5|0
粉笔x8    0.8|0
爪钩        2|4
岩钉x10   0.5|2.5
火绒盒     0.5|1
口粮x10     5|20
麻绳(50尺)   1|10
水袋      0.2|5
旅行者服饰     2|4
三龙牌       1|0
易容工具     25|3
盗贼工具     25|1
文书伪造工具   15|5


亚石爵士预付款+300GP,治疗药水1瓶来源 | 使用
劇透 -  购物单1:
通晓语言(1环)    60
防护善恶(1环)x2 120
蛛行术(2环)    120
医疗箱(10次)     5(使用1
钢面镜          5
长梯50尺        0.5
铁荆棘x5        5
10尺长棍        0.03
狩猎陷阱x4      20
镶嵌皮甲        25

劇透 -  购物单2:
1环仪式x7   350
2环仪式x1   100 (遗体防腐)

仪式共计     450
85折后     382.5

2环卷轴     240 (隐身术、黑暗术)
2瓶治疗药水    75 (第二章与瑞杜斯“毕业战”消耗)
腰包         0.5

劇透 -  购物单3 :
3环卷轴x3   600(飞行术、气化形体、解除魔法)
2瓶治疗药水    75(进入商业区前瓦尔造的)(使用1:下水道加庞战给伍德)

购买+1 wand of the war mage  -1200GP
抄3环仪式 水上行走  -150GP

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离线 桃小豬

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道格 . 克里昂尼
« 回帖 #5 于: 2016-04-06, 周三 08:34:10 »
金幣: 3512GP
物品:+1細劍(血光劍), 防御戒指 RING OF PROTECTION, 短弓和 (裝有20支箭)箭袋x3,竊賊套裝,鑲釘皮甲x1,兩把匕首和盜賊工具,一套錦衣,一枚璽戒,一卷族譜、腰包,治療藥水(HP2d4+2)*5,聖水x0,治療工具,探索者套裝,鐐拷,盜賊工具,普通毒藥*0 ,便攜式攻城槌,
卷軸::克敵機先(True Strike)*1 ,魅惑人類(Charm Person) *1 ,通曉語言(Comprehend Languages)*1
劇透 -   :
血光劍 SWORD OF WOUNDING武器(任意劍),珍稀(需調諧)
消耗一片碎片並支付900GP的材料費:使一把普通武器(非魔法)獲得“竊命” 或是 “+1魔法武器"的性質(二者選一);升級后的武器在對抗傷害抗性時視作魔法武器。這樣升級不需要附魔師幫忙,隨時可以進行。
消耗一片碎片並支付1350GP的材料費,附魔一件普通遠程投擲武器。當你投擲它並說出命令字時,它將轉變為一道5尺寬的火焰射線,向120尺內的某個目標飛去。火焰經過的直線上除你和目標之外的每個生物必須進行一次DC13的敏捷豁免,失敗受到4d6火焰傷害,成功則減半。火焰在達到目標時變回武器並對目標進行一次遠程攻擊。如果攻擊命中,目標將受到武器的傷害外加4d6火焰傷害。該武器的這個特性直到次日黎明前都無法再次啟動,但你仍然可以把它當做普通魔法武器使用。 售出價為75GP.
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« 回帖 #6 于: 2016-04-11, 周一 15:00:22 »

道格:顺势斩 砍杀】当你用近战攻击把一个敌人减少到0hp时,可以选择一个相邻敌人,用额外动作进行一次近战基本攻击
齐格飞:鲁莽】本回合获得一个额外标准动作,但直到你的下个回合结束,所有攻击你的敌人都具有优势 vs怪物加庞
伍德:反击】你受到一个生物的伤害时,消耗这张卡并用你的反应动作对这个生物进行一次基本近战/远程攻击。  vs怪物加庞
马修:侧闪】当你即将被一次近战或远程攻击命中时,消耗这张卡并让这次攻击命中你相邻的另一个目标(你的选择,不论敌友)。 vs怪物加庞
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Re: 夜猫子小队各人持有物品
« 回帖 #7 于: 2016-05-05, 周四 14:23:43 »
劇透 -   :
巨斧 Great axe 30gp 2d6 揮斬 7 磅 重型、雙手
板甲 Plate armour +2  7500gp  18  力量13  劣勢  65磅
巨劍 Great sword 50gp 2d6 揮斬 6 磅 重型、雙手
(Sword of Sharpness) 1700gp
渡銀巨劍 Great sword 150gp 2d6 揮斬 6 磅 重型、雙手
手斧 Handaxe  5gp  1d6 揮斬  2 磅  輕型、投擲(射程 20/60) (共計2把,10gp,4磅
地城探險家套裝Dungeoneer’s Pack(12gp)。包括一
一盒打火匣、十日口糧、一個水袋,並外掛50 尺麻
旅衣 Clothes travelers   2gp  4 磅
治療工具 Healer’s kit    5gp    3 磅
鐵匠工具Smith’s tools 20 gp 8 磅
燈油 (瓶) Oil   1sp      1 磅
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离线 Gwenter

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Re: 夜猫子小队各人持有物品
« 回帖 #8 于: 2017-08-22, 周二 05:54:26 »
劇透 -   :
裝備(花费4000gp  重量 19磅)
+2巨斧 Great axe  1d12 揮斬  7 磅 重型、雙手 初始 1000gp+3000gp
手斧 Handaxe   1d6 揮斬  2 磅  輕型、投擲(射程 20/60)初始 数量(2)
標槍 Javelin      1d6 穿刺  2 磅  輕型、投擲 (射程 30/120) 初始 数量(4)

魔法物品 (花费6500gp  重量 -磅)
防护戒指Ring of Protection   3500gp
劇透 -   :
Requires Attunement. You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while wearing this ring.
坚忍之艾恩石 Ioun Stone Fortitude 3000gp
劇透 -   :
Requires Attunement. Your Constitution score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, while this pink rhomboid orbits your head.
消耗品(花费100gp 重量 1磅)
治療藥水X2    100gp
杂物(花费 3gp 重量 86磅)
探索者套裝 初始 59磅
包括一個背包、一張睡墊、一盒餐具、一盒打火匣、十支火炬、十日口糧、一個水袋,並外掛 50 尺麻繩。
一套铁匠工具 初始 8磅
腰包 初始 1磅
50尺絲繩 初始 5磅
平民衣物 初始 3磅 数量(3)1gp
旅行衣物 4磅 2gp

起始資金:6200gp , 花費 4603gp 剩餘 1597gp
劇透 -   :
3000GP(米娅脱困)+ 1000GP(击退杀手皇后)+ 1000GP(镇民存活) = 5000GP。
劇透 -   :
第七章开篇:升级+1巨斧 3000 gp;购买艾恩石3000 gp