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【FAQ】惧怖冒险(Horror Adventures)(2016.11.25)
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惧怖冒险(Horror Adventures)

Blood Alchemist: When does a blood alchemist’s blood pool refresh? How big are the alchemical circles? Is the trade-off for blood knowledge missing?
A blood alchemist’s blood pool refreshes whenever he refreshes his extract slots. Circles last until their form is physically broken or the blood alchemist refreshes his blood pool. The circles are 10-foot radius, just like the occultist’s magic circles. Blood knowledge doesn’t have another trade-off; alchemical circles advances at 8th, 12th, and 16th levels, but not at 4th because that’s when you get blood knowledge.

Brutal Coup de Grace: How long do the creatures who fail their saves become shaken?
They become shaken for 1 minute.

Channel-Thieving Belt: The greater belt says it works like the regular belt but then it mentions damaged “healed or dealt” whereas the regular belt only heals when a channel of the type that could heal you deals damage instead. How do I adjudicate the “healed” part?
It’s an error, it should just say “1/2 the amount of damage dealt.”

Death Curses: What are the “doom of the hunted” curses on the table?
They’re the old names for the hunt of the ankou and bogeyman curses.

Enemy Cult: Up until the completion effect, the feat works against your choice of alignment, but the completion benefit specifies evil. Which should it be?
The completion benefit works against the specified alignment, not just evil.

Eyebiter Mesmerist: What is the eyeball familiar’s Wisdom and Charisma?
Both are 10.

Fleshwarping: True fleshwarping lists two creation times. Which is correct?
1 day per HD is correct.

Hallowed Necromancer: Why does the hallowed necromancer say to “remove the Will save but deal half damage” when that would be worse than nothing?
It’s a misinterpretation of the ambiguous phrase “remove the Will save for half damage”. You should remove the Will save and deal full damage.

Haunt Collector: Extricate haunt doesn’t say when I gain the ability. What does that mean?
You can use extricate haunt as soon as you have a haunted implement, so 2nd level at the earliest.

Living Grimoire: The archetype trades away judgment but not slayer; is that intentional? Also, can I take feats like Weapon Focus with my tome?
Blessed script should also trade away slayer. You can take feats like Weapon Focus with your tome; treat it as if it was a simple weapon (not an improvised weapon) for all necessary purposes.

Madnesses: The table lists psychopathy, which is not one of the madnesses. What should it be?
It should be moral insanity.

Massacre: In two places, massacre says it’s a 60-foot line, but in another, it says it’s a 30-foot line. Which is correct?
It’s a 60-foot line of death.

Mooncursed Barbarian: If my chosen animal is Large, am I out of luck until 11th level?
No, the ability says that you turn into a Medium version of your chosen animal. So for a tiger, you’d turn into a size Medium tiger, and you’d have all the abilities of a tiger from beast shape I.



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【FAQ】极限荒野(Ultimate Wilderness)(2018.02.13)
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极限荒野(Ultimate Wilderness)

动物凶猛(Animal Ferocity):动物凶猛的先决条件凶猛( ferocity )似乎比专长本身能做到的还多?那它到底是干什么的?
劇透 -   :
Animal Ferocity: The ferocity prerequisite of animal ferocity seems to do what the feat does and more? How should it work?
Animal Ferocity lets you take a full attack while disabled, but all attacks are at a –5. You can’t take any other full-round actions aside from full attack (for instance you can’t charge or cast a spontaneous metamagic spell). This will be reflected in the next errata.
变形者利爪(Shifter Claws):变形者利爪可以忽略各种伤害减免,甚至是传奇(epic),但唯独没有魔法。是故意的吗?
劇透 -   :
Shifter Claws: Shifter claws can bypass a wide variety of damage resistances, even epic, but not magic. Is that intentional?
No, at 3rd level, the shifter’s claws should also count as magic.
变形者锋刃(Shifter's Edge):变形者锋刃可以在全部的攻击上增加伤害吗?
    不,变形者锋刃的好处如下“当你通过武器娴熟来使用你的爪抓(claws)或利爪增强的天生武器进行近战攻击,并且使用敏捷加值来决定攻击骰(attack rolls),使用力量修正值来决定伤害骰(damage rolls)时,将一半变形者等级加在伤害上。”
劇透 -   :
Shifter's Edge: Should Shifter's Edge be adding that much damage to all attacks?
No, Shifter's Edge's benefit should be the following "Whenever you use Weapon Finesse to make a melee attack with your claws or a natural attack augmented by your claws, and you use your Dexterity bonus on attack rolls and your Strength modifier on damage rolls, you also add half your shifter level to the damage."
泥怪行者(Oozemorph Shifter):泥怪行者的流质身躯(fluidic body)如何起作用的?泥怪行者实际上可以全在泥怪形态下移动?为什么超自然能力仍可以在反魔场(antimagic field)中生效?
    流质躯体本质上是将两种效果合二为一。首先,一旦你成为泥怪行者,你的基础形态(base form)立即变成泥怪形体(ooze shape)将会是你角色永久的一部分,即使你由于某种原因失去了流质身躯(反魔场或者违反行为准则),你的基础形态仍然是不定型的类泥怪形态(oozelike form)。另一半变成类人[和之后的野兽(bestial)]形态能力则是超自然变形效果。
    尽管拥有类泥怪形体(oozelike shape),即使被作为效果的目标时视为泥怪生物类型,但泥怪变形者的基础形态仍不是泥怪(ooze)。类泥怪形态除了上述变体自己的能力外,不会获得任何泥怪生物类型的能力。这个形态保持泥怪变形者原本种族的基础感官,陆上速度,以及不依赖于形体例如矮人的贪婪(greed)和侏儒的工作狂(obsession)的种族能力;但失去依赖形体的能力,包括形态基本速度例如鸮形人(Strix)的飞行(和其他大部分超过陆上速度的种族速度),种族天生武器例如猫族(Catfolk)的猫爪,和其他类似魔裔(Tieflings)卷尾(Prehensile Tail)的能力。不管怎样,如果泥怪行者拥有的种族能力被类泥怪形态无效,通过流质身躯变成原本种族的一员,就可以在持续时间里获得这些种族能力的全部好处,虽然通常情况下使用变身术 (alter self)(或适合非类人泥怪行者的法术)不会获得。泥怪行者通过流质身躯在类泥怪形态和其他形态下获得压缩(compression),伤害减免(damage reduction)和变形武器(Morphic Weaponry)能力,而不会通过其他变形效果的形态获得。
劇透 -   :
Oozemorph Shifter: How does the oozemorph’s fluidic body work? Can the oozemorph actually move at all in ooze form? Why does a supernatural ability still have an effect in an antimagic field?
Fluidic Body is essentially two effects in one. The first, which is a permanent part of your character once you become an oozemorph, is that your base form is now an ooze shape. Even if you lose fluidic body for some reason (antimagic field, violating your code of conduct, etc) your base form is still the amorphous oozelike form. The other half of the ability is a supernatural polymorph effect to transform into humanoid (and later bestial) forms.
Despite having an oozelike shape, an oozemorph’s base form is not an ooze, though it does also count as an ooze for the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type. The oozelike form doesn’t gain any abilities of the ooze creature type except as stated by the archetype itself. This form retains the base senses and land speed of the oozemorph’s original race, as well as racial abilities like dwarfs’ greed or gnomes’ obsession that don’t depend on shape, but it loses abilities dependent on form, including form-based speeds like strix’s flight (and most other racial speeds beyond land speed), racial natural attacks like catfolks’ claws, and other abilities like tieflings’ prehensile tail. However, if the oozemorph possesses a racial ability denied her in her oozelike form and transforms into a member of her own race with fluidic body, she gains the full benefits of that racial ability for that duration, even if it isn’t usually granted when using alter self (or the appropriate spell for a non-humanoid oozemorph). An oozemorph's compression, damage reduction, and morphic weaponry function in its oozelike form and any form it takes via fluidic body, though not in forms it takes via other polymorph effects.
 These clarifications will be reflected in the next errata.
变形者专攻形态(Major Forms):变形者专攻形态应该告诉我除体型调整外我所需要的每件事情,但是看起来有些事情漏掉了,例如夜枭(Owl)的飞行速度和一些天生武器。这是否意味着我实际上可以获得更多丢失的未列出能力或其他东西?如果未列出速度,我的速度应该是多少?
恐爪龙(Deinonychus)的啮咬造成1d6伤害,爪击 (talons)造成1d8伤害,前爪(foreclaws)造成1d4伤害。
劇透 -   :
Shifter Major Forms: The shifter major forms are supposed to tell me everything I need aside from the size adjustments, but a few things seem to be missing, such as the owl’s fly speed and some of the natural attacks. Does this mean I actually get more unlisted abilities, are they meant to be missing, or something else? What is my speed if there is no listed speed?
You still only get the listed abilities plus size-dependent effects (size bonuses and penalties and any natural armor). If the creature has no listed base land speed, use 30 feet as the base land speed. Here are the missing abilities:
Bat gains a bite attack (1d8 damage).
 Bear gains two claw attacks (1d6 damage), a bite attack (1d8 damage), grab with its claws, and a 40 feet base speed.
 Bull gains a 40 foot base speed.
 Deinonychus’s bite deals 1d6 damage, its talons deal 1d8 damage, and its foreclaws deal 1d4 damage.
 Frog’s bite attack deals 1d6 damage.
 Monkey gains two claw attacks (1d6 damage) and a bite attack (1d6 damage).
 Mouse gains a bite attack (1d4 damage).
 Owl gains two talon attacks (1d6 damage) instead of claw attacks and a fly speed of 60 feet (average).
 Snake gains a bite attack (2d6 damage).
 Stag gains a gore (1d6 damage) and two hooves (1d4 damage).
 Tiger gains two claws (2d4 damage) and a bite (2d6 damage).
 Wolf gains a bite (1d8 damage).
 Wolverine gains two claws (1d8 damage) and a bite (1d6 damage).
 This will be reflected in the next errata.
变形者自然变身(Shifter Wild Shape):如果我的4级变形者变回人类形态,我就真的不能再在这一天的其他时间里变成动物形态了吗?
    你应该可以更容易的反复变身。移除第一句话的“一天一次”。移除变形者自然变身的第四句话。替换倒数第二段为“变形者每天可以用自然变身的小时数等于[变形者等级+感知修正],不必连续但是必须以1小时为单位。对于那些基于使用自然变身次数的能力,自然变身的每个小时视为一次使用。 ”
劇透 -   :
自然变身(Wild Shape,Su):4级时,变形者获得变成一种拟态的专攻形态并变回来的能力。这个能力如同法术[野兽形态II(beast shape II)],除了以下不同。变形者每次只能变成一种拟态的专攻形态。以一个不会引起借机攻击的标准动作,变形者可以使用自然变身变为专攻形态或者变回来。通常而言,一种特殊拟态专攻形态远超过从[野兽形态II]标准效果中获得的能力。变形者在各个等级获得的每个专攻形态的能力都会替代[野兽形态II]中的能力,但仍会获得法术[野兽形态II]中基于体型部分的能力。
变形者在处于动物形态时失去说话的能力,只能发出该动物正常未受训的自然声,但可以与形态相同组别(general grouping)的动物交流。变形者也可以用非语言方式与盟友交流。
劇透 -   :
Shifter Wild Shape: If my 4th level shifter shifts back to human form, can I really not shift into animal form at all for the rest ot the day?
You should be able to shift back and forth more easily. Remove "once per day" from the first sentence. Remove the 4th sentence from the shifter’s wild shape. Replace the second-to-last paragraph with “A shifter can use wild shape for a number of hours each day equal to her shifter level + her Wisdom modifier. It need not be consecutive but must be spent in 1 hour increments. For abilities that function based on ‘uses of wild shape,’ each hour of wild shape counts as a use.” This change will be reflected in the next errata.
变形者自然变身(Shifter Wild Shape):新版的自然变身中,变形者在6级和18级时没有获得任何能力。这些等级应该能获得些什么吧?
    是的。18级时,变形者获得德鲁伊同名能力千面万相(A Thousand Faces)和不老身躯(Timeless Body)。20级时,在终极拟态(final aspect)的后面加上“并且变形者可以随意使用专攻和次级形态。”。6级时变形者获得如下新能力。

变形者狂怒(Shifter’s Fury ,Ex):6级时,变形者获得使用同一个天生武器进行数次惊人攻击的能力。替代全部的天生武器攻击,变形者可以选择一个单独的天生武器进行全部的攻击,就如同是人造武器获得-5攻击的第二次攻击。当变形者这么做的时候,其他全部天生武器视为次要天武并且无法获得变形者利爪(shifter’s claws)的好处。11级时,获得-10攻击的第三次攻击,16级时获得-15攻击的第四次攻击。
劇透 -   :
Shifter Wild Shape: With the new version of wild shape, the shifter doesn’t get anything at level 6 and 18. Should it gain something at those levels?
Yes. At level 18, the shifter now gains both A Thousands Faces and Timeless Body, as the druid abilities of the same name. At level 20, add the following to the end of final aspect "and the shifter can use her major and minor forms at will." At level 6, the shifter gains the following new ability:
 Shifter’s Fury (Ex): At level 6, a shifter gains the ability to make several ferocious attacks with the same natural weapon. Instead of attacking with all her natural weapons, the shifter can choose a single natural weapon and make a full attack with that natural weapon, gaining a second iterative attack at a –5 as if it was a manufactured weapon. When she does so, all her other natural attacks count as secondary attacks and don’t benefit from shifter’s claws. At 11th level, she gains a third iterative attack at a –10 and at 16th level, she gains a fourth iterative attack at –15.
 This will be reflected in the next errata.
散兵战士(Skirmisher Fighter):散兵用新的防具擅长替代了武器和防具擅长。这是否意味着他不擅长任何武器?
劇透 -   :
Skirmisher Fighter: The skirmisher replaces weapon and armor proficiencies with a new set of armor proficiencies. Does that mean it isn’t proficient in any weapons?
No, it should only replace armor proficiencies. This will be reflected in the next errata.
泥怪行者与道具(Oozemorph and Items):我知道我像泥怪那样没有任何装备栏位,但是那些花费24小时同调(attune)的道具呢?我连那些都不能用?
劇透 -   :
Oozemorph and Items: I know I don’t have any item slots as an ooze, but what about items that take 24 hours to attune? Can I just never use those items?
An oozemorph can carry items floating in its mass that are considered to be attuned. When it turns into a humanoid form via fluidic body, it can equip any number of those items (even armor, which usually takes time to don), leaving the rest on the ground in its space. If it turns into a animal via fluidic form, the items meld into the new form and grant some passive benefits, as normal for polymorph effects.

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